Virtual 3D Printed Fibers and what Slicer to use!

In this episode, we discuss the proposal to use “virtual fibers” to strengthen FDM 3D printed parts that work by adding tiny holes to your model! We also go through whether you actually need to buy a slicer or if the free and open-source ones are now just as good – and finally, Tom twist’s Stefan’s brain with continuous belt 3D printers and why they can’t use a vertical Z-axis.

### SHOW NOTES ###

RepRap Ltd. article on “Virtual Fibres”
Joel’s video on Simplify3D issues

Stefan’s PC parts
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
Asus Prime X470-Pro
MSI RTX 2070
1TB Samsung 860 SSD
also, a new Synology 6-bay NAS

Tom’s PC parts