Stepper VS Servo & has 3D printing made the world a better place?

Tom and Stefan talk about their travel plans to MRRF 2019. Tom explains how he’s getting back into PCB design and what techniques can be used to manufacture them. They discuss the differences between stepper motors and servo motors and if 3D printers could become better if they used servo motors.They also speak about if 3D printing is making the world a better place or if it’s only creating more waste. Finally they answer viewer questions on 3D printing education, materials for car parts and their video editing software of choice.

Our MRRF 2019 arrival and departure times:
▼ Fr., 03/29, 1:30 pm: Chicago O’Hare
▲ Mo., 04/01, 4:00 pm: Chicago O’Hare

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Intro Jingle by Thomas Herrmann