E3D Nozzle X Drama, Article 13 & 3D Scanners

On this news-packed episode Tom and Stefan talk about E3Ds Nozzle X drama and their new slicer Pathio as well as the ruthless marketing campaigns of some 3D printer manufacturers.

The EU is about to vote on a new copyright law where Tom explains why this will be harmful for them as creators and for the general freedom of speech of everyone.

Tom installed a new ventilation system in his studio because he had the suspicion that SLA resin fumes caused him having problems working there for longer periods of time.

Both have already been working with different types of 3D scanners and outline which techniques there are and what you can use them for.

Nozzle X drama

Stolen pictures from FilamentFrenzy


Photogrammetry videos

Einscan 3D Scanner(aff)