Non-planar hype, the end of and the start of a new Smoothieboard

It’s been a while! Now that Stefan is back from Japan, he and Tom can finally get back together for a new episode of The Meltzone Podcast – and there’s lots to catch up on!
They about Stefan’s Japan experiences, andTom’s MPCNC experiences, as well as news on the
Smoothieboard v2 and the end (or new beginnings?) of
You’ll also find tips on how to optimize your 3D Benchy for ERRF’s printing contest and an insight on how Makerbot’s Method printer may actually be a good choice for ABS – but possibly not as much as Makerbot would like to have you believe.
And for the big topic this week, is non-planar slicing and printing actually worth it? Tom has already tried it out and reports his findings.

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