Kicked from, Resin + Foamed PLA and Pellet Extruder

Tom and Stefan talk about the upcoming events that they’ll attend including Malta Maker Fair and MRRF2020. Both recently released a material testing video and discuss if resin prints are really isotropic and why lattice or porous structures performs the way they do. Tom got kicked from the affiliate program and explains how that happened. Stefan got a new Pellet Extruder and expresses his first experience with it. Both talk about the impact of the Chorona Virus on the China and the 3D printing industry. The Makerbot Classroom Sketch was unveiled recently – is it worth $1800? Questions cover copyright on Thingiverse uploads, ceramic hotend liners, dimensional issues of high prints an the Dragon Hotend.

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### SHOW NOTES ###
Pellet extruder:
Ceramic liner in the IVI hotend: Makerbot
Classroom Sketch:
Lattice scaling law: