3D printed medical supplies & tons of questions

On this content packed episode, Tom and Stefan talk about their recent live streaming efforts, VR, the newly added FFF slicer in Fusion360 and why Stefan thinks it’s a challenge to add gears to his new plastics shredder. There are currently a lot of efforts being done to use 3D printing for medical equipment due to the current Corona pandemic. Both discuss the positive and negative sides of those and why there also can be a danger in printing medical supplies. There is a “new Thingiverse” but is it better than the old one? Tom and Stefan try to answer viewer/listener questions on high power lasers in SLA printers, the right material for 3D printed CNCs, if E3D really performs quality control, if Fusion360 might implement non-planar slicing, trouble with white filament, under-water curing and their favorite thread profiles for 3D printed parts.

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### SHOW NOTES ###
Power density calculation:
Form2: 250mW laser, 140um spot ⇒ 16.2W/mm² ⇒ ~500mm/s ⇒ 0.005J/mm²
Elegoo Mars: 40W LED & 10% efficiency – 50% polarization (2W) , 120x68mm ⇒ 0.0003W/mm² ⇒ 8s exposure ⇒ 0.002J/mm²
3D printing supplies during corona:
Criticism on 3DP equipment
“Hackathon” https://twitter.com/KatzUndTinte/status/1240634913486929922
Prusas efforts: https://blog.prusaprinters.org/from-design-to-mass-3d-printing-of-medical-shields-in-three-days/