The biggest 3D Printing YouTuber we didn’t even know of & faster printing

First, Tom and Stefan talk about the recent Corona situation and how it’s affecting them. They quickly change the topic and discuss their latest experience with the CR-30 belt printer they have for testing. The news topics cover yet another Kickstarter where Ulendo is claiming that we can print 2x faster with their cloud service. Then XOLO announced their first volumetric 3D printer and a new patent was granted for an interesting fluorescence switch SLA printing method. Tom talks about his recent work with the new WhamBam Mutant quick-change system and other ones that are on the market. The last big topic is an uprising 3D printing channel called marsgizmo with roots at TikTok, which is bigger than any other 3D printing YouTube channel, and both didn’t even know about it before! The questions cover Stefans recent trimmer line video and printing fume safety.

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### SHOW NOTES ###
Ulendo 2x faster printing:
Klipper input shaping:
8 minutes Benchy:
Voron 3D printer:
Fabcon – rotational printing:
3D printing resin science:
Volumetric 3D printing: