Mom, we’re famous!, Ultrasonic resin heating & watertight 3D prints

Tom finished his VORON 2.4 build live streaming marathon and talks about his experience and the choices he made, for example using a DUET 3 with Reprap firmware instead of the usually used Klipper configuration. Stefan shows the latest Make magazine Germany in which this Podcast got featured. Both discuss the “Jugend Forscht” winning entry where ultrasonic modules are used to heat and disperse resin for better prints. Then there is a talk about the suspension of the Torshn Kickstarter and a still on-going crowd funding campaign on a 3D printed bike helmet. The questions cover topics on how to make 3D prints watertight, Siraya Tech resin availability in Europe and RRF on other boards besides Duet.

NOTE: A small correction we need to add: Even though the TMC5160 stepper drivers would be capable of handling 48V supply voltage, the DUET 3 board is only rated up to 32V!

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### SHOW NOTES ###
Jugend Forscht: Ultrasonic heating of resin:
Torshn Kickstarter suspended:
3D printed bike helmet:
Mellow FLY-CDY V2 board with RRF (affiliate):
Anker Powerline Cables: