Thingiverse Data Breach & Molten Prusa Heaterblock

The episode starts with a quick discussion about recent events and the state of this year’s Formnext visit. Next Tom and Stefan talk about the recent Thingiverse Data Breach, how it was handled, and that this is just another nail in the coffin. This is followed by a discussion about Thingiverse alternatives and Prusa’s plans of re-branding PrusaPrinters. On the topic of Prusa, they talk about a recent incident where a heater block of an original Prusa melted away and what the reasons might have been. Next, they switch to resin topics including a double vat Elegoo printer and a Rotating Vat machine for high-speed printing.

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### SHOW NOTES ###
Thingiverse Breach:
have i been pwned?:
Melted Heater block:
Dual Vat Saturn:
Rotating Vat 3D printer: