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This episode starts with a short chat about the festive season and the presents Tom and Stefan got, followed by a talk about open source parametric CAD software and other professional yet affordable options. Next, Stefan shares some experiences running an e-commerce business and what options for selling products online are. After that, they discuss the dangerous practice of smoothing FDM prints by spraying on printing resin. Printed Solid is yet becoming another company that switches to cardboard spools for their filaments and will also be contributing to the Foundation E3D will set up in Sanjay Mortimer’s name who recently passed away. Fuslab claims that the recent community-developed Rolling Screw Extruder is infringing on their patent even though prior art was discussed and built years before they filed their patent. Staying on the topic of patents, both shortly talk about a high-flow hotend patent that E3D applied for. The questions cover topics on the compatibility of E3D Revo on the Prusa MK3 as well as converting an old Prusa printer into a CNC router and preheating filament for higher flow rates.

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Recording date: 2021/12/27

### SHOW NOTES ###

Covert Companion:
Alternative Open Source CAD software (Solvespace):
Spray-on Resin Finish:
Printed Solid Cardboard Spools:
Rolling Screw Extruder:
Takedown discussion:
Rolling Screw Extruder Prior Art:
E3D High Flow Patent Application:
Wooden CNC Router: