Why stuff breaks, Robot Arms & Home-Compostable PHA Filaments

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This episode starts with a discussion about the longevity of common 3D printing materials and why sometimes filament snaps on its own in the Bowden tube. Next, Tom and Stefan take a look at Formlabs’ new FUSE 1+ 3D printer that claims to be able to do wasteless SLS printing, which would be an amazing step forward for that technology! Then there is a quick update on the BambuStudio source code that just was recently released. After that, Tom shares his interest in building a robot arm for filming, and 3D printing using DUET hardware and rambles about the ongoing E3D ObXidian teases that he’s fed up with. Then they talk about an STL subscription service and if that’s an alternative to buying files separately or by being a Patreon of designers. Finally, they have a talk about new PHA filaments that were just released to the market and claim to be really home-compostable.

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Recording date: 2022/07/18

### SHOW NOTES ###

FUSE 1+: https://3dprint.com/292630/formlabs-launches-fuse-1-30w-sls-3d-printer-nylon-carbon-fiber-filled-powder/
Bambu Slicer Source: https://github.com/bambulab/BambuStudio/
Elephant Robotics: https://www.elephantrobotics.com/
Skyentific YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Skyentific/videos
Jeremy Fielding YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/JeremyFieldingSr
STLflix: https://www.stlflix.com/
ColorFabb allPHA: https://colorfabb.com/de/filaments/materials/pha-filaments/allpha
REGEN PHA filament: https://filaments.ca/collections/regen-pha-filaments