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In this episode, the hosts start with a PSA about backing up data and Stefan’s SSD failing. Later, Tom shares his plans for SMRRF and Stefan reveals his intention to be present at both Formnext and SMMRF in 2023. The conversation then shifts towards 3D-printed salmon meat, the Hangprinter project’s challenge to the ORNL SkyBAAM patent, and Bambu’s new A1 Mini, which might impact the 3D printing industry. They discuss a proposed bill in NY that would require background checks for 3D printer owners due to the perceived risk of creating firearms and the concerning case of 3D Printing Generals channel being deleted without notice. Lastly, they talk about the disappearance of @Naomi-Wu from social media after getting into trouble with Chinese authorities.

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Recording date: 2023/22/10

### SHOW NOTES ###

Samsung 980 Pro SSD problem:
3D printed salmon:
Hangprinter patent challenge:
Bambu Lab A1 Mini (affiliate):
Caribou going out of business:
Prusa Mini Input shaping:
3D Printer Background Check Bill:
3DP General deleted:
Naomi Wu going Offline: