Planned Obsolescence and Practical 3D Printing

Why are white goods getting more and more unreliable? What are the dangers of cloud software? How are these two successful YouTubers steering the YouTube algorithm?
We’ll answer that in this episode of the Meltzone podcast!
Also, news on non-planar slicing with a paper on “CurviSlicer”, questions on filament-based metal 3D printing, a free Solidworks version for makers and advances slicer tuning options for FDM.
Topic of the week: What are we actually using 3D printing for and are there even applications that make sense for “normal” people?

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Intro Jingle by Thomas Herrmann


TubeBuddy for optimizing a YouTube channel (aff)
BASF Ultrafuse 316L at Matterhackers (aff)
Pretty much the only reference we found to a “free” Solidworks Premium license (German)