Everything’s on πŸ”₯: Prusa / The UK / Lulzbot / Fusion360 / Resins / VPNs

It’s finally a normal episode with Stefan & Tom again! We talk about our experiences with travelling to shows and what we enjoy doing when our calendars are not stuffed with events. Tom uses an E3D Supervolcano for the first time and gets different findings to what Stefan has seen in other high-speed printing setups. Also, there’s been a lot of stuff going wrong lately: Lulzbot seems to be going out of business, the UK is creating even more uncertainty by delaying Brexit and impacting UK manufacturers like E3D, NordVPN is screwing up and an Original Prusa MK3 has caught on fire. Good times!


Speed Benchy livestream
Prusa fire photo (possibly a repost, but couldn’t find from where). More info on what they found soonβ„’
Fabaloo on “The end of Lulzbot?”
Jay’s Two Cents and Tom Scott on NordVPN
Dagoma’s claims of preventing gun parts being printed
Fusion360’s new terms
Prusa’s silent heatbed

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