Formnext, 3D printed RC planes and why we only review Chines printers

Tom and Stefan have been at Formnext 2019 the week before and talk about their impressions.The news cover the current state of Lulzbot and also that Generative Design for Fusion360 is currently available for free. Podimo, a German startup wants to be the Netflix of Podcasts. Both discuss if they like their business model and if the even want to be listen in the Podimo app. Tom got into RC flying, talks about his first experiences and both discuss 3D printed airplanes and also Colorfabbs new Light Weight PLA. Listener questions cover bulletproof 3D prints, home metal 3D printing and why Youtubers only review Chinese printers.

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### SHOW NOTES ###

Generative Design Tutorial:
Podimo arcticle (DE):
Eclipson Planes:
Colorfabb LW PLA:
“Bulletproof” 3D prints: