Open-Source Metal 3D Printer, Nonplanar Nozzles and Tesla’s Model Y using 3D Prints

Lots of interesting topics this time! Tesla is apparently using last-minute 3D printed parts in the first Model Ys they delivered; Adrian Bowyer is proposing a novel print removal system; and the US Army has been working on a non-homogeneous 3D printing filament.

But Stefan and Tom haven’t been idle, either and have been working on the Toolchanger and on finally getting an old CNC working. All that and more in this episode of The Meltzone Podcast!

Notes and timestamps:

3:50 Getting married in special times

13:42 Tom’s Sienci CNC adventures

21:24 Stefan’s experience with the E3D toolchanger & discussion on the Creality CR-6 SE

33:17 Correction on SeeMeCNC’s efforts of injection molding faceshield frames

35:10 Adrian Bowyer’s print ejector concept

46:20 Tesla is patching production Model Y with FDM 3D printed parts

51:00 FabLab Munich’s open-source metal 3D printer (FabMX)

58:08 US Army’s reinforced 3D printing filament
Full paper: ████████████████████████████████████████

1:04:10 Brook Drumm is back on his feet

1:08:52 PTFE 3D printing by 3M

2:19:40 Questions

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