Stolen YouTube Account & Printer Maintenance

After thinking about buying a lathe for ages, Stefan finally bought himself a new machining tool for the workshop. Tom shares his own experience with his Mini Lathe. Tom recently received a Prusa Mini and talks about his first impressions as well as some plans for it in his upcoming 3D Printing Beginners Series on YouTube. Both discuss the recent theft of fellow YouTuber Heliox’ channel and a new “Ultra Fast” printing process that slightly resembles an old CRT television as well as locally pre-heating a print for better layer adhesion. Miele released some printable upgrades for their appliances, so Tom and Stefan discuss the feasibility of these parts and what we could see in the future. Topic of the week is the maintenance of 3D printer – how much is necessary and what to regularly check? Questions cover automatic bed change and the applicability of a filament-width sensor.

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