Vegan 3D Printing, 500.000 Creality Printers (in one month) and Automatic Printer Tuning!

3D Printed “meat” is the hot topic right now! Stefan and Tom cover two approaches that aim to print texture into vegan “steak” and “salmon”. Both look promising, but like with most 3D printed food, the hard challenges remain to be solved.
Can a huge show like Formnext happen in the current pandemic? Apparently the answer is “yes”, as TCT Asia has just finished.
Staying with Asia, Creality is reporting record shipments for the month of march – but might be infringing on a patent with their latest model!

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Printed salmon
Printed steak
Creality’s shipment record
Potential conflicting patent
Slicer tuning is 3DOptimizer and CNX-Software’s tool


0:00 Episode 36
2:24 What Stefan & Tom were up to
6:25 PV Solar
17:40 Printed Salmon & Steak
59:54 Print settings auto tuning
31:50 TCT Asia & Formnext Germany
36:17 Creality’s shipment record
44:19 Patent conflict
1:17:49 Questions