Stop Making Ender-3s & Über-Materials

In this podcast episode, Tom and Stefan are fed up, that over the last years they are only seeing dozens of Ender-3 clones with little to no innovation. After this ramble, they talk about an artistic lamp Kickstarter campaign that uses orange peel filament which unfortunately seems to be only questionable marketing. Though during their research they’ve still stumbled upon a way how orange peels might really be transformed into a polymer. Next, they discuss 3D printer modifications to soldering robots and pen plotters. There is a short section about a new tool in Fusion 360 that can convert stls into nice, solid bodies. Finally, they answer a question on why there is no über-material that satisfies all our 3D printing needs.

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### SHOW NOTES ###
Voxellab Aquila 3D Printer (affiliate):
3D printer company malpractices
3D printing using orange peels:
Polymer from orange peels:
Soldering robot:
Fusion360 stl to solid:
Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir (affiliate):