Selling our creations? & SLA Printer Lockdown

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Stefan joins this Podcast from his holiday in South Tyrol. Topics are not only how to properly relax but they also cover a Stop-Motion Benchy animation, an update on the Chitubox lockdown of the Mars 3 firmware, an upside-down 3D printer, and a simple way of multicolor 3D printing. They discuss the question if they should start selling plans for their creations. Questions cover more information around the licensing of the STL to Solid conversion in Fusion360.

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### SHOW NOTES ###
Benchy Stop-Motion Animation:
Chitubox Update from Elegoo:
Upside-Down 3D printer:
Ivan Miranda plans store:
3D Print Colorizer:
Teaching Tech video on the Colorizer:
Pointmaster Software for 3D Scan reconstruction: