Dream Studio, Macro Photography & Sneaky 3D Printing Quiz

In this episode, Tom talks about finally finding his dream studio and office space! Both Tom and Stefan recently reviewed professional machines where they got a ton of negative feedback from viewers that made comparisons to maker and DIY tools. They ask themselves if there is space for taking a look at professional machines on their channels or if it’s generally negative for them and the manufacturers. Tom also received a request for reviewing a Markeforged printer and debates whether he should have a look at it (a second time). After purely technical materials, Markforged also just recently introduced simple PLA on their machines – why? Stefan talks about his passion for macro photography and how he’s able to shoot amazing pictures with a $20 objective. He also talks about the reasons why his recently released Volcano Adapter failed during testing and what he did that this doesn’t happen at customers. Finally, they talk about an advertised 3D printing quiz which they think is rather used to create classification data for an AI. In the questions section, Tom and Stefan discuss why most 3D printers use thermistors and not thermocouples.

Simplify3D V5 “confirmed” & REVO problems

The first topic of this episode covers a controversial article where the author “has the feeling” that the release of S3D V5 might not be far away though there is very little substance to that claim. More substantial news is that Anker, the power bank and electronics accessories maker, will get into the 3D printer market and will launch their first machine on Kickstarter soon. Next, Tom and Stefan cover 3D printable accessories for a new Ford truck and the Steam Deck, for which Valve recently released the CAD files. Next Stefan talks about an issue he recently had with his E3D REVO review unit and Tom discusses his Form 3 review machine that turned out to be an unreleased Form 3+ which he didn’t know about. Stefan quickly gives an update about the “killed” stepper driver. Questions cover 3D printer recommendations, especially pre-built core XY, and what happens to additives and pigments when you compost plastics.

Is “exposure” enough payment & German channel?

This episode starts with the question of whether content creators should have to license 3D printable models that others released under a non-commercial license or if the exposure alone is enough “payment”. If you would license your creation how would you even do that? Then there are rumors that Anet, the infamous maker of the Anet A8 is gone from the market. Next Tom and Stefan talk about the recently announced date for ERRF and if they consider going. Stefan asks himself if he killed his first stepper driver and Tom explains how that even is possible. Stefan talks about his plans on launching a German channel and if this might be worth the effort. Staying on the topic of running a channel, both discuss if video sponsors are good or bad for creators and content. Questions cover adding a pattern into a nozzle and if PLA really biodegrades in a home compost.

Open Source CAD & Selling Stuff Online

This episode starts with a short chat about the festive season and the presents Tom and Stefan got, followed by a talk about open source parametric CAD software and other professional yet affordable options. Next, Stefan shares some experiences running an e-commerce business and what options for selling products online are. After that, they discuss the dangerous practice of smoothing FDM prints by spraying on printing resin. Printed Solid is yet becoming another company that switches to cardboard spools for their filaments and will also be contributing to the Foundation E3D will set up in Sanjay Mortimer’s name who recently passed away. Fuslab claims that the recent community-developed Rolling Screw Extruder is infringing on their patent even though prior art was discussed and built years before they filed their patent. Staying on the topic of patents, both shortly talk about a high-flow hotend patent that E3D applied for. The questions cover topics on the compatibility of E3D Revo on the Prusa MK3 as well as converting an old Prusa printer into a CNC router and preheating filament for higher flow rates.

Prusa XL (obviously) & Creality MMU?!

This podcast episode covers the physics behind Stefans recently reviewed CHT nozzle and his DIY version of it. Both discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this design and how it compares to a Volcano hotend. Stefan briefly talks about how he got kicked from AMAZON with his threaded inserts. The big topic is the Prusa XL and its new, smart features. This new design includes an extrusion force sensor that another company is using to print fully dense FDM parts so Tom and Stefan analyze whether this might also be something that could be implemented on the Prusa. The last topic covers the CoPrint which is an MMU project that Creality seems to endorse, though also comes at a steep price tag. Questions cover a novel 3D laminating technique, the question of why thermal fuses are rarely used in 3D printers, and how much Tom and Stefan earn with this podcast.

Thingiverse Data Breach & Molten Prusa Heaterblock

Stefan talk about the recent Thingiverse Data Breach, how it was handled, and that this is just another nail in the coffin. This is followed by a discussion about Thingiverse alternatives and Prusa’s plans of re-branding PrusaPrinters. On the topic of Prusa, they talk about a recent incident where a heater block of an original Prusa melted away and what the reasons might have been. Next, they switch to resin topics including a double vat Elegoo printer and a Rotating Vat machine for high-speed printing.

E3D Revo & Thingiverse Robs Creators

The first episode after the summer break covers E3Ds new Revo extrusion system and Prusa Automated Farm System that they are currently demonstrating in Dubai. Stefan quickly talks about his line-up of threaded inserts that he recently launched and Tom gives his impression about the SL1S Upgrade that he installed on a live stream. Both discuss a controversial topic because Thingiverse seems to be automatically replacing the affiliate links from creators with their own ones. The questions cover the hotend of the upside-down 3D printer that uses a 90° bent for compactness.

Selling our creations? & SLA Printer Lockdown

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Stefan joins this Podcast from his holiday in South Tyrol. Topics are not only how to properly relax but they also cover a Stop-Motion Benchy animation, an update on the Chitubox lockdown of the Mars 3 firmware, an upside-down 3D printer, and a simple way of multicolor 3D printing. They discuss the question if they should start selling plans for their creations. Questions cover more information around the licensing of the STL to Solid conversion in Fusion360.

Stop Making Ender-3s & Über-Materials

clones with little to no innovation. After this ramble, they talk about an artistic lamp Kickstarter campaign that uses orange peel filament which unfortunately seems to be only questionable marketing. Though during their research they’ve still stumbled upon a way how orange peels might really be transformed into a polymer. Next, they discuss 3D printer modifications to soldering robots and pen plotters. There is a short section about a new tool in Fusion 360 that can convert stls into nice, solid bodies. Finally, they answer a question on why there is no über-material that satisfies all our 3D printing needs.

Recycle everything: 3D Prints, PET Bottles, Spools and Turbine Blades

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This episode covers a ton of recycling topics starting from Stefan’s adventures into 3D print recycling over the PETBOT that allows direct recycling of PET bottles, to the number of wasted plastics in filament spools all the way to reinforcing PLA with shredded turbine blades. Tom and Stefan further discuss MRRF that happened the weekend before the recording and ERRF that was canceled. At MRRF Lulzbot presented their new 3D printer model that starts at a quite steep price tag. Then there is some discussion on the recent Chitubox Pro launch where many fear that their MSLA printers might in the future only work if they subscribe to the service (UPDATE: https://twitter.com/UncleJessy4Real/status/1411765198730448899?s=19). Questions cover what printer or method might be suitable for highly accurate parts.