E3D Nozzle X Drama, Article 13 & 3D Scanners

On this news-packed episode Tom and Stefan talk about E3Ds Nozzle X drama and their new slicer Pathio as well as the ruthless marketing campaigns of some 3D printer manufacturers. The EU is about to vote on a new copyright law where Tom explains why this will be harmful for them as creators and for the general freedom of speech of everyone. Tom installed a new ventilation system in his studio because he had the suspicion that SLA resin fumes caused him having problems working there for longer periods of time. Both have already been working with different types of 3D scanners and outline which techniques there are and what you can use them for.

New high-speed 3D printer / S3D upgrade fees / CNC experiments

Should Simplify 3D cost (more money)? Is the newly announce “superfast” resin 3D printer approach actually practical? Are we all being infiltrated by Xiaomi and Huawei? Those very important questions and more are being discussed by Stefan and Tom in this Episode of the Meltzone! Stefan also talks about his plans to open-source his Universal Test Machine, why Tom goes into details of YouTube’s broken video processing queue.

Stepper VS Servo & has 3D printing made the world a better place?

Tom and Stefan talk about their travel plans to MRRF 2019. Tom explains how he’s getting back into PCB design and what techniques can be used to manufacture them. They discuss the differences between stepper motors and servo motors and if 3D printers could become better if they used servo motors.They also speak about if 3D printing is making the world a better place or if it’s only creating more waste. Finally they answer viewer questions on 3D printing education, materials for car parts and their video editing software of choice.

Getting snowed in and our wishlist for 2019!

It’s the first episode of 2019! Along with a 3D printing wishlist for 2019, Tom and Stefan discuss their current capabilities of driving in the snow and moan about doing taxes. But also, about whether printing ABS still makes sense in today’s landscape of advanced materials, their plans for MRRF 2019 and what 3D printers and 3D printing projects they’ve been working on!

### SHOW NOTES ###
MRRF 2019 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2019-midwest-reprap-festival-mrrf2019-tickets-51075814135
Solid-state dehumidifer on bigclivedotcom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vabq-s62IVM

“The Makerbot Method” and our year as YouTube creators

Stefan talks about his upcoming project on paste extrusion and his latest Dremel 3D45 printer he’s testing. He discusses with Tom the “Makerbot Method” and what could make it different from other currently available 3D printers. Furthermore they argue weather PLA or PETG is their material of choice and what the advantages and disadvantages of both are. Finally they both talk about their year as a YouTube creator and what they think is going on with platform at the moment.

Virtual 3D Printed Fibers and what Slicer to use!

In this episode, we discuss the proposal to use “virtual fibers” to strengthen FDM 3D printed parts that work by adding tiny holes to your model! We also go through whether you actually need to buy a slicer or if the free and open-source ones are now just as good – and finally, Tom twist’s Stefan’s brain with continuous belt 3D printers and why they can’t use a vertical Z-axis.

### SHOW NOTES ###
RepRap Ltd. article on virtual fibres https://reprapltd.com/fibre/
Joel’s video on Simplify3D issues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UWMoXw917k

Stefan’s PC parts
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X https://themelt.zone/2700X/
Asus Prime X470-Pro https://themelt.zone//X470Pro/
MSI RTX 2070 https://themelt.zone//MSI2070/
1TB Samsung 860 SSD https://themelt.zone//Samsung860-1TB/
also, a new Synology 6-bay NAS https://themelt.zone//Synology6/

Tom’s PC parts

Harmful 3D printer emissions & TCT Formnext 2018

Stefan talks with Tom about his visit to TCT Formnext 2018. They discuss two recently released papers on potentially harmful emissions of 3D printers. They further debate if it is worth buying a cheap printer and then investing a lot of time on upgrading it or if it is more efficient to buy a decently working one right away. Finally, they answer viewer questions regarding grinding up plastic scraps for recycling and the usefulness of infinite z-belt printers.

3D Printer Fingerprints & DIY Filament Making

Tom and Stefan talk about their experiences in annealing PLA prints and discuss the recent change in Fusion 360’s pricing model. Recently a paper on a so called “3D printer fingerpint” was released that claims to be able to track prints back the printer they were made on, with stunning accuracy, so they talk about how realistic this could be and what the implications of such a method might be. Tom recently came back home from his roadtrip all over Europe where he filmed bits for his RepRap documentary and talks about the new high temperature products he has seen at E3Ds headquarter. Finally Stefan recently built his DIY filament extruder and talks about his first experience in making his own filament at home.

MRRF 2019 controversy, Bowden VS Direct Extruders and Thermal Cameras

Tom explains the drama that has been going on with MRRF 2019 and discusses with Stefan the advantages and disadvantages of bowden and direct extruders used in 3D printers. Tom also got himself a new FLIR thermal camera and talks about its applications in 3D printing. They finally discuss the question when FDM printing will become obsolete.