Talking VORON, PlyBot & Is PLA eco-friendly?

In this episode, Stefan talks about his VORON 0 build he started right after the last podcast episode on his hunt for a 10 minutes Benchy. The news cover a lot of recent 3D printers and printing technologies including the current Plybot Kickstarter, Formlabs finally releasing the Fuse 1, electrochemical metal 3D printing, and a 4th axis for the Prusa that tries to save on support structure. Both shortly discuss the things that recently happened around Gamestonks and also the Bernie Sanders meme. The questions cover how deep UV light penetrates resin, closed-loop stepper drivers, and our new Podcast setup.

The biggest 3D Printing YouTuber we didn’t even know of & faster printing

First, Tom and Stefan talk about the recent Corona situation and how it’s affecting them. They quickly change the topic and discuss their latest experience with the CR-30 belt printer they have for testing. The news topics cover yet another Kickstarter where Ulendo is claiming that we can print 2x faster with their cloud service. Then XOLO announced their first volumetric 3D printer and a new patent was granted for an interesting fluorescence switch SLA printing method. Tom talks about his recent work with the new WhamBam Mutant quick-change system and other ones that are on the market. The last big topic is an uprising 3D printing channel called marsgizmo with roots at TikTok, which is bigger than any other 3D printing YouTube channel, and both didn’t even know about it before! The questions cover Stefans recent trimmer line video and printing fume safety.

A Creator’s Responsibilities & Belt Printing

After a bit of a break, Tom and Stefan are back talking about their responsibility as “influencers” and the new hype around Belt 3D Printers that are currently on Kickstarter. Belt 3D printing doesn’t only require suitable hardware, but also software that supports this uncommon kinematic. Both talk about the importance of hardware and software upgrades and how they are necessary to improve the technology over time.

Behind the scenes of OctoPrint (with Gina Häußge)

This week, Stefan and Tom have a guest on the podcast – Gine Häußge, main developer of OctoPrint! They talk about what it’s like creating and maintaining open-source software, what her learnings mean for other projects like FreeCAD and what it’s like to be a solo entrepreneur.

Fusion360 changes, belt printers and the ASMBL!

With Stefan’s last day on parental leave, he and Tom get together once more to talk about the developments in the 3D printer scene. It seems like Belt printers are making a comeback, Fusion360 is again making drastic changes and E3D have somewhat quietly released their hybrid manufacturing toolhead for the toolchanger.

Fatherhood & a real Open Hardware Standard

After another short break due to Stefan becoming a father, both talk about recent projects involving 3D scanners & sublimating 3D scanning spray. News cover KFC planning to print with lab meat in Russia, 3D printing gunpowder, a Standard for Open Hardware and Open Source Computer Vision Algorithms for print correction. Due to recent events, both rant about an allegedly “fully” 3D printed motorcycle, 3D printed houses, and how Kickstarters rarely are used anymore for what they should. Questions cover, exotic material printing, printing services, and testing out your designs for different printing technologies.

Vegan 3D Printing, 500.000 Creality Printers (in one month) and Automatic Printer Tuning!

3D Printed “meat” is the hot topic right now! Stefan and Tom cover two approaches that aim to print texture into vegan “steak” and “salmon”. Both look promising, but like with most 3D printed food, the hard challenges remain to be solved.
Can a huge show like Formnext happen in the current pandemic? Apparently the answer is “yes”, as TCT Asia has just finished.
Staying with Asia, Creality is reporting record shipments for the month of march – but might be infringing on a patent with their latest model!

Stolen YouTube Account & Printer Maintenance

After thinking about buying a lathe for ages, Stefan finally bought himself a new machining tool for the workshop. Tom shares his own experience with his Mini Lathe. Tom recently received a Prusa Mini and talks about his first impressions as well as some plans for it in his upcoming 3D Printing Beginners Series on YouTube. Both discuss the recent theft of fellow YouTuber Heliox’ channel and a new “Ultra Fast” printing process that slightly resembles an old CRT television as well as locally pre-heating a print for better layer adhesion. Miele released some printable upgrades for their appliances, so Tom and Stefan discuss the feasibility of these parts and what we could see in the future. Topic of the week is the maintenance of 3D printer – how much is necessary and what to regularly check? Questions cover automatic bed change and the applicability of a filament-width sensor.

Open-Source Metal 3D Printer, Nonplanar Nozzles and Tesla’s Model Y using 3D Prints

Lots of interesting topics this time! Tesla is apparently using last-minute 3D printed parts in the first Model Ys they delivered; Adrian Bowyer is proposing a novel print removal system; and the US Army has been working on a non-homogeneous 3D printing filament.
But Stefan and Tom haven’t been idle, either and have been working on the Toolchanger and on finally getting an old CNC working. All that and more in this episode of The Meltzone Podcast!

Notes and timestamps:
3:50 Getting married in special times

13:42 Tom’s Sienci CNC adventures

21:24 Stefan’s experience with the E3D toolchanger & discussion on the Creality CR-6 SE
33:17 Correction on SeeMeCNC’s efforts of injection molding faceshield frames
35:10 Adrian Bowyer’s print ejector concept
46:20 Tesla is patching production Model Y with FDM 3D printed parts
51:00 FabLab Munich’s open-source metal 3D printer (FabMX)
58:08 US Army’s reinforced 3D printing filament
Full paper: █████████████████████████████████████████
1:04:10 Brook Drumm is back on his feet
1:08:52 PTFE 3D printing by 3M
1:19:40 Questions

Best practices for printing PPE and plans for our next CNCs!

It’s The Meltzone Lockdown edition! Tom is running out of home improvement store goods while Stefan is holding himself over with VR and finally building his E3D Toolchanger.
We’re also talking about printing faceshields and other PPE and how getting organized is really important right now.
Also, Makerbot is supposedly opening up their Method 3D printer to filaments from other manufacturers.
In the questions, we cover filament diameter conversions, building a new printed CNC and Autodesk’s patent on non-planar slicing.